Stanislav Nedzelskyi:
Portfolio and Samples

The greatest pursuit in life is the search for beauty.

Hello! Welcome to my website. Below, see samples of my traditional art, graphic design, logos, promo videos, and architecture drawings and built projects. The video link has a 20 minute short film I directed in college and a hand-painted video game (coming soon!). I coded this website myself and optimized it for mobile and desktop browsers.
Like a piece in the art section? Prints are available by clicking the shop link.(coming soon!)


Looking to re-brand your business? Create marketing material for yourself or your company? Commission me for your project! My work ranges from the basics – logos, emblems, flyers – to full business makeovers – websites, large-format redesigns, interior design, design consultation, and business consultation. I am comfortable working in both digital and physical media and am familiar with various 3D and printing machinery.

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Fine Art

Traditional academic art: figures and portraits

Figure drawings: studies of models and sculptures from life

Graphic Design

The following products were commissioned and are now owned by friends and clients. To best represent my customers and their business, I strive to grasp their goal and vision. Clients tell me that I communicate well and work quickly. Interested in hiring me? Contact me with your project!

Logos and emblems

Gallery Image

HD Swing, Dallas

Gallery Image

Iron Gate Fitness, Los Angeles

Gallery Image

A friend's personal project

Finished products, prints, and screenprints

Large format designs, posters, marketing pieces

Website design - desktop, mobile, SEO

  • This website: HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap 4. Optimized for desktop and mobile.
  • Art Wheel Studio (link): the studio's primary page for announcements, programs, and class registrations. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3.