The greatest pursuit in life is the search for beauty. Whenever I practice any of my arts, I do just that. The challenges I face serve only to embellish my work and to give texture and character to my creations.
I do many things. In my free time, I love travelling, hiking, exploring country and city, and dancing west coast swing.

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Past projects and clients

Art Wheel Studio, LLC. Owner and Manager


A fine arts academy in Roanoke, TX, providing art classes, private events, and events for the local community. I founded Art Wheel Studio with my partner in 2015. Now that the project is stable, I look to practice the skills I have developed.

My duties included:

  • teaching art classes to kids 5-18
  • teaching private lessons
  • overseeing daily operations
  • coordinating accounting, administration, and program development
  • maintaining website, marketing, and social media

Art Wheel Studio is rigorous. Classes are small and we retain about 40-50 permanent clients. Over the years, our students have placed in highly competitive local, state, national, and international art contests, bringing home scholarships in the thousands of dollars. Three of our students made it into prestigious universities on full-tuition scholarships for their portfolios. Our methods focus on the logical and anatomical construction of three-dimensional subjects and on powerful compositions. We teach our students to see with an artist’s eye and be able to find art and beauty within anything.

300 Bowie St.
Design Consultant


Designed and renovated a new location for the studio. Realized various designs for client, obtained permits and re-zoning. Oversaw construction of project and contractors. Fulfilled work as independent contractor.

Directing, camera, voice


Syracuse Architecture: Directed and produced a 20-minute film. Headed 8-person cast/production team.
Art Wheel Studio: Composed, shot, and produced promotional material. Provided own voice acting and audio processing.

Website Design
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 3 and 4


I designed this website to showcase my work, and to serve as a sample website.
Art Wheel Studio, a website for the studio's business and products.
Both websites are desktop and mobile friendly.


Syracuse University
School of Architecture

May 2017

Bachelor of Architecture
Minor in Management Studies
Renee Crown Honors


Running my own company for three years has given me much time and opportunity to develop a varied skillset. Clicking linked category titles below will take you to the relevant sample work, if available.

Rhino 3D
Adobe Premier
DaVinci Resolve


Bootstrap 3/4


3D printers
Laser cutters


English (native)
Russian (native)