Videography and Game Design

I love discovering new arts. Though not trained in videography or game design, I apply what I know from other disciplines.
The title says "game design". I'm currently working on a point-and-click adventure, which will be featured here once it's done. Come back later to see more!

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Short Film: Architecture Parody

A film noir parody about the struggles of a lone architect in the dangerous world of construction administration. I headed a crew of 8, all of us students with limited resources. Directing, writing, camera-work, processing, and audio work was split evenly between the two producers (Logan Caroll and Jack Phillips) and me, and we delivered the final project.

Promo Videos: Art Wheel Studio

The two videos below I made in 2017 and 2016, respectively. I applied what I learned from the second to make the first stand out. I ran the camera, edited all the footage, and provided my own narration.

The first video is more simple. Both videos were used by the client for social media marketing.